$130.46  $1.33  -1.01%  
$3,486.90  $2.34  -0.07%  
$329.66  $6.85  -2.04%  
$623.31  $6.71  1.09%  
$745.55  $0.7400  -0.10%  
$500.77  $2.43  0.49%  
$55.67  $1.51  -2.64%  
$133.00  $2.35  -1.74%  
$71.62  $1.88  -2.56%  
$109.70  $1.69  -1.52%  
$11.01  $0.2600  -2.31%  
$84.65  $0.0900  0.11%  
$62.14  $1.05  -1.66%  
$91.49  $1.70  -1.82%  
$374.24  $1.29  0.35%  

Best Stock Picking Services

Stock trading advice you can Actually use

By this point, you’re probably wondering which companies can help you achieve these exceptional returns. We do in-depth analyses of every company we review. We’ve reviewed over 200 different financial services and every company goes through a rigorous screening process. As of today, these are our top picks.

We Enable our clients to TRANSFORM their operating model and cost base

Let our easy-to use systems

free you from the stress of making

emotionally tough investment decisions

Why Accurate Trading System

Nearly two decades of experience serving global financial services industry. Investment in cyber security and a deep understanding of regulatory needs and compliance, required to provide the highest level of “brand and information security”.

We listen carefully and work in a consultative fashion, with client leadership and operational teams offering customized solutions that are exclusive to our clients. This creates a competitive edge which is truly sustainable.

Our proprietary suite of technology tools helps clients differentiate in the market, simplify complex workflow, automate repetitive tasks, and improve operational efficiency.


Increase in revenue profit

To identify the best-performing networks in local areas. To adopt those networks as local partners, and to push the client’s brand and services into new markets around
the world (with least risk and lesser investment)


Increase in mobile customers

Vast and proven experience of delivering ‘first-timeright’ reports on time. Strong project governance and structured SOPs. Complex tables setup and real-time reports for quick insight.

Our Approach

Trade the Market When the Odds are Stacked in Your Favour High Probability Recommendations for Active Traders

Apple Inc.
Amazon.com, Inc.
Facebook, Inc.
Tesla, Inc.
NVIDIA Corporation

Market News

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    Big Companies Picks

    This is Big companies picks and it’s very stable since all companies’ Market Cap is more than 100B. Hold at Least 5~6 weeks to get maxium profit.

    Small Companies Picks

    This is Small companies picks, but they are Mega hit companies. Hold it very short period time, like 3~4 Weeks and sell it to get Profits.

    IPO Stock Picks

    This is IPO stock picks. They are just opened on Market recently and has huge potential to get Mega hit.

    Long Term Stock Picks

    These stocks should be wait long, like 1~2 months, but they could skyrocketing like 5~10 times.

    General Market Conditions

    The majority of stocks move with the broader markets. This means that if the S&P 500 is going up, individual stocks are more likely to go up as well. In strong bull markets, every stock picker can be a winner. It’s much easier to pick stocks when market conditions are favorable. The true test of a company’s performance is how well their picks hold up in less favorable conditions (i.e. bear markets). This leads to two considerations.