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40 Darabox Indicator

Darvas Box Indicators for tradestation

The Darvas box method was developed by Nicolas Darvas as a way of identifying strong trending markets which consolidate before resuming their trend. His style of trading was the subject of his best selling book ‘How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market’.

We have programmed the Darvas box method into a set of tradestation indicators and also expanded upon the original Darvas box method, including the ability to identify both long and short Darvas boxes.

The Darvas box indicator can be inserted into a chart and as a Darvas box forms the indicator will draw trend lines at the support and resistance levels of each Darvas box. The Darvas box indicator can then alert you when prices breakout of the box thus providing you with an opportunity to enter a trade, or build upon an existing position, as the market resumes its trend.

Graphical Representation:

Long Darvas boxes that have formed during a bullish phase in AAPL. In addition to the yellow lines, which represent the top and bottom of the Darvas box, the indicator also displays the actual top and bottom box values.